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At Kick Start Health Fitness and Martial Arts Academy we are know for our high expectations and standards when grading. We believe that belts should be earned and not given and they should be tough and an achievement when you progress on your martial art journey. 

We do also believe that even the most unlikely student can make progress and achieve if they preserve and are dedicated to their journey.

This is the criteria that we expect of all students to be eligible to grade....

A minimum of 30 martial arts classes (not fitness classes) between gradings (registers are taken at every class)

Grading syllabus is known and at an acceptable level

A minimum of 10 sparring sessions

A visible improvement in flexibility and fitness

Good focus, behaviour, attitude and effort to follow a martial arts ethos at school and home (juniors) - we will be asking teachers and parents to report.

Please remember that progress is made the more you practice and train in martial arts. It promotes important life skills that are transferred into all areas of your child’s life. Ideally training twice a week benefits the progress and avoids boredom as they retain a lot more but we know that everyone has many other commitments. Just remember that everyone’s martial art journey is different and we will all get there when we are meant too. Parents please remember not to compare your child to others as with everything everyone has different abilities and strengths.

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