Kick start kidz

Our Kick Start Kidz program is for children from 4 years old  and are for 30mins once or  twice a week. In this class we teach the children valuable life skills such as respect and perseverance. The classes involve pad work, games, drills and some self-defense. These classes are a stepping stone on your child’s martial arts journey.


In addition to our martial arts program we also have a Champions for Life program which is designed to support students to develop positive habits and skills that will benefit their training, personal growth and future success. 


Since COVID restrictions have meant that we can’t hold pads etc for the children anymore that has meant we have had to ask parents onto the mats to join in with their child (don”t worry we won’t expect you to do press ups - unless you want to of course) However you will be pad holding and helping you child join in with the class giving you guys some awesome fun family time.