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The Academy

Kick Start Health Fitness and Martial Art Academy is recognised as a leading centre in Bristol for martial arts, run by professional instructors who have dedicated their lives to providing the best possible tuition in martial arts.


Built with strong values Kick Start Health, Fitness and Martial Arts Academy is deliberately and successfully family orientated, providing classes and programs for all ages starting from 4 years old. 

No one 'sits on the bench' at Kick Start, all classes are highly inclusive and the attention of the instructors is fully on the needs of the students and parents.


Commitment from students and parents alike is essential to progress happily and successfully in martial arts and you will find at Kick Start Health, Fitness and Martial Arts Academy that your commitment to us is repaid with our commitment to continually strive to bring you the highest quality classes in the country that give you an academy and instructors to be proud of and ensure your journey is happy, served with excellence and is one that far exceeds your expectations.

Our Students

The family atmosphere at the Academy allows intense loyalty and dedication amongst students and parents alike. We also have a wonderful sharing ethic within the club and find that many students are keen to introduce friends and acquaintances to us, which helps enhance the family framework.


Our students are full of desire to take on the help that we can give them and return our commitment to them with the highest commitment to us. They are forward thinking, energetic and enthusiastic people who demand the best and in return give the best, and, keep old fashioned values.


The Team

We are a team of dedicated, positive and successful people who work within our points of culture to ensure that everyone benefits from the experience and move closer to becoming the people they wish to be.


Our uniqueness is our desire to give all our students their spirit and freedom through training and education helping them to achieve a happy life balance and self-confidence they never knew they had.


           Claire King






Ollie King

Tyler King

Mitch King

Our Values


We are in the business of health and education. We educate all who meet us to be healthy and aware of their own potential. Our service to our students is of the highest quality and delivered with enthusiasm and commitment.







 Background & Philosophy

When we first started teaching martial arts around 20 years ago we did the usual hired church halls but we always dreamt of having our own full time centre. In 2012 that dream became a reality and we moved to our full time centre in Hanham. For 5 weeks we worked, taught classes at the church halls and then renovated the unit we had signed the lease on. We worked long hours and with the help and encouragement from our students and family the academy was born. We opened the doors on 4th April 2012 and still continue to improve the academy to give our members the best experience possible.

The academy is our first and second home and we love the fact that our members are like family and when new members come through the doors they feel it too.



5 Hanham Business Park Memorial Rd Bristol United Kingdom BS15 3JE


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